Looking for something to bring to the holiday party? Or maybe you need an activity for you and the kids? Try these yummy holiday cookie recipes for a fun treat and experience. Gingerbread People – A holiday classic, these little guys always bring a smile with them. Piped icing, an assortment of sprinkles and even other toppings like chocolate chips or bits of licorice can make these cookies all your own. Stained-Glass Cookies – These fun cookies can be made in a variety of different shapes, with all sorts of colors. Great for showing your artistic side and for letting little ones express themselves through cooking. Candy-Topped Graham Cracker Cookie Squares – A cookie that isn’t overly sweet, but still has a lot of flavor and spirit. Rum Balls – A perfect addition to any holiday party spread, these rum balls provide a more mature alternative to other bright and shaped cookies. Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bar – The deep red and decadent flavor of these bars make them fit well with the holiday spirit.