We’re getting into prime fruit-eating season, but sometimes when you pick up your favorite fruit, it isn’t quite as flavorful as usual. That’s probably because it isn’t really the right season for it, even if it is available in-store. Here’s a helpful guide on when is best to buy each type of fresh fruit and how to tell if its ripe, so you always get the most delicious experience. You might be surprised by what you find out. Apples – August-November; Should be slightly softer, but not mushy. Consistent texture is a good indication of ripeness. Apricots – May-July; Firm to touch with deep, bright color. Asian Pears – September-November; Tender, with a few darker spots. Avocados – All year; Slightly tender to touch, stem button should be dark and fall out easily. Banana – February-May; Should be yellow with the beginnings of brown freckles Blackberries – May-October; Dark, shiny skin, only slightly tender. Beware of mold. Blueberries – May-August; Plump, dark blue with dusty greyness on surface. Cherries – April-July; Stems should be attached, skin dark and firm. Figs – June, July, September & October; Should have the same, soft texture of peaches, deep brown color. Grapefruit – December-April; Look for brighter, firm fruit. Grapes – July-November; Should remain… Read More