It’s officially pumpkin season; candies, coffees, and desserts are all adopting the gourd and its quintessential spices. But you can do a lot more with pumpkin than just sweets. If you’re looking for a unique way to introduce pumpkins into your meal without having the shell out the calories for something decadent, look no further. Thai-Spiced Pumpkin Soup – This recipe is great either as a starting soup, or just a meal in and of itself to warm you up on the coming cool evenings. Pasta with Spicy and Creamy Pumpkin Sauce – Don’t go white or red sauce; go orange with this interesting take on a pasta sauce. Can be added to just plain pasta, or used on stuffed varieties like ravioli or tortellini. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – This yummy snack is a great way to use all the seeds removed. Plus the recipe is really simple, too! Pumpkin, Bean and Chicken Enchiladas – Definitely not your usual enchiladas, this twist on traditional Mexican cuisine is sure to please the taste buds. Risotto with Pumpkin, Spinach, Beans and Walnuts – This delectable meal shows that not only can you do some interesting things with pumpkin, but risotto has a lot to offer as well. Pumpkin Lasagna – Another awesome… Read More