For years, experts have been talking about the differences in families that eat out and those that cook most of their meals at home. The conversation usually boils down to three considerations; health/diet, convenience and price. Health Although eating at a restaurant on occasion is alright, eating out daily has been shown to be associated with many dietary issues, most notably obesity. Restaurants are great at making delicious foods, but they often give little thought to how healthy the food they make is. Eating at a restaurant can leave you blind to what is actually in your food. By buying ingredients from the store, you can see exactly what goes into it, which is particularly helpful if you need to monitor your salt, fat or carb intake. Another consideration when it comes to eating out is the portions provided; restaurants have a tendency to pile on the food, giving generous servings of sides. Appetizers, free chips or bread and sugary sodas can all add up in a single meal before you’ve even started your main course. At home, it’s easier to plan out exactly what you need to eat in order to get your recommended nutrition, and you won’t have extras on your plate, begging you to just take one more… Read More